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Do you repair old fender seats?2017-09-06T17:17:14+01:00

Yes we can repair minor damage or do a full restoration in most cases. Send us a photo of your old fender and we will let you know what we can do and how much it will cost. We can also quote for insurance claims too.

Do you deliver abroad?2017-09-06T17:16:55+01:00

Yes, you can either arrange your own shipping or we can arrange it for you. We can obtain a quote for either delivery to the nearest port or airport or right to your door.

How long does a club fender take to make?2017-09-06T17:16:38+01:00

Usually 4-6 weeks but if really urgent we always aim to meet the customers deadlines.

I am worried about measuring correctly2017-09-06T17:16:19+01:00

Martin is always delighted to come and visit, show samples and measure for club fender seats that are made in his workshop here in Peterborough. He travels to most areas of the UK.

If you want to have a go at measuring yourself, either for a fender seat or for a low level fender, print off the measurement form and fill it in, we can talk you through it over the phone if you have any difficulties, plus any tricky bits such as gas pipes or air vents we suggest you take a photo, then email or post it all to us and we will draw it all up into a ground plan which you can then double check against your fireplace before we go ahead.

What is a club fender seat?2017-09-06T17:15:49+01:00

It’s a fireside seat that can sit on or surround the hearthstone, it protects logs or coals from rolling onto the floor and the top part is upholstered so that it can be sat on and used as a ‘bum warmer’. Here at Rockingham Fender Seats they are all made to measure to the customers individual requirements. The Club fender seat is also known as a fireside seat, fender bench, fender seat or bum warmer. We have photos of many examples of club fender seats on our website including some of the more unusual styles.

Is my room too small for a club fender seat?2017-09-06T17:15:34+01:00

In most cases the answer to this is no, because our bespoke fender seats are made to measure, so take up surprisingly little space, only 4½ inches around the hearthstone, yet provide additional fireside seating and you can design any look you like whether it be modern or traditional, just select your style and materials to suit, every detail is your choice.

Why don’t you have a pricelist on the website?2017-09-06T17:15:15+01:00

All our club fender seats are made to measure, and this is where we like to give good old fashioned customer service, but we will of course send you a pricelist and a brochure if you give us a call on +44(0)1733 687375. Alternatively all our Ex-Stock Fender Seats have prices shown so you can get an idea of how the price varies depending on size and materials.