Firedogs, Companion Sets & Log Baskets

We supply a broad range of high quality fireplace and hearth accessories alongside our handcrafted fireside fender seats. Listed below is a selection of the our most popular items. Most of our fireplace accessories are in stock and can be delivered within 2-3 working days.

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Traditional Firedogs

Ball Head Dogs

34115 Medium W:260 D:525 H:415mm (10.25 x 20.75 x 16.25″)

34116 Large W:340 D:660 H:590mm (13.5 x 26 x 23.25″)

Pinnacle Dogs

35122 W:195 D:485 H:405mm (7.75 x 19.5 x 16″) Cross bar Height 150mm (6″)

Companion Sets

Traditional top – round base, All Black

27108 Height: 570mm (22.5″)

Traditional top – round base, All Black

27095 Height: 406mm (16″)

Log Baskets

Round Rustic Log Basket

23102 H: 390mm Dia: 480mm (15.5″x19″)

Wild Willow Log Basket

23083 H: 381mm Dia: 508mm (15″x20″)