Our Fender Seats are made to last a lifetime and are practically maintenance free. However, here are some simple hints & tips to help you ensure your Fender Seat keeps looking at its best!

  • If your log fire is spitting, try to avoid damage by using a fireguard or fire curtain
  • Use a soft duster, or microfibre cloth, to remove dust or dirt from the fender frame
  • Use a quality, soft leather treatment for the leather seats
  • Small scuffs in the leather can be lessened using appropriately matched shoe polish
  • Do NOT use a metal cleaners, such as Brasso™, as the metal frame of all our fender fenders is laquered, and using such a cleaner will remove this protective layer!
  • Do NOT use a spray polish on the seats OR metal
  • Do NOT use a damp cloth on leather

If you Fender Seat does get damaged then we can help restore it through seat re-covering, polishing, or even a full fender seat restoration.

If you need further help then please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help.