Our fire side seats are made to the measurements provided; if you can supply a photograph of your fireplace this also helps.

Details of how to measure your fireplace are as shown below and discounts may apply, but we are happy to come to measure for you if you ask us. If you find you are having any difficulty in measuring please call us on 01733 687 375. Please read our glossary for an explanation of terms used to describe fender seat styles, finishes & design options.



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    Fireplace Measurements

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    A. Width

    B. Depth to wall or to fire surround (state which) on left-hand side and right-hand side

    C. Outside width of fire surround (at seat height)

    D. Skirting board thickness (if applicable)

    E. Depth of fire surround (if applicable - at seat height) on left-hand side and right-hand side

    F. Size of fire opening

    G. Hearth thickness

    3. Any other measurements: e.g. power points, gas taps etc.

    4. Total height of Fender:
    Normal height is 510mm (20 inches) but this can be varied

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